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0-4-0 Saddle Tank Locomotive: Conway (Plan)

An 8-sheet freelance design by Martin Evans for a narrow gauge 3.5" gauge 0-4-0 saddle tank locomotive.
SKU: LO957
Full Description
This 8-sheet plan consists of:
  • Sheet 1 General arrangement of engine and frames.
  • Sheet 2 Frame stretchers, hornblocks, axleboxes, wheels and axles, crankpins, coupling rods, general arrangement of cylinders, springing arrangement, springs, spring hangers.
  • Sheet 3 Cylinder details, pistons and rods, layout of valve gear, slider valves, motion plates, feed plate details.
  • Sheet 4 Connecting rod, crosshead and gudgeon pin, slide bars, motion plate, expansion link and die block, eccentric rods and straps, weighshaft, reversing arm and lifting links, brake gear.
  • Sheet 5 Reversing gear and quadrant, boiler assembly and details.
  • Sheet 6 Smokebox arrangement and details, smokebox door, dart and handles, steam pipe header, blast nozzle and blower, exhaust tee and pipes, regulator details, regulator handle and spindle.
  • Sheet 7 Brake column and screw, part plan of brake gear, arrangement of lubricator, safety valve and cover, superheater, manifold, check valve and blowdown valve, cab and backhead layout.
  • Sheet 8 Water gauge, blower valve, grate, ashpan and fire-door, saddle, tank assembly and details, dome cover, cab sides and spectacle plate, footplate assembly, running board.