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Standard Class 2-10-0 BR Locomotive: Evening Star (Plan)

A 10-sheet plan by Martin Evans for building a 3.5" gauge model of the last steam locomotive constructed for British Railways. 92220 Evening Star is on display at the National Railway Museum in York.
Full Description
This 10-sheet plan consists of:
  • Sheet 1 General arrangement, main frames, driving and coupled wheels, frame stretchers, horns, main axleboxes.
  • Sheet 2 Details of pony truck, coupling rods, boiler feed pump and eccentric.
  • Sheet 3 Full details of the boiler.
  • Sheet 4 Piston valve cylinders and details, alternative slide valve cylinders, crossheads, slide bars, connecting rods, guide-bar brackets.
  • Sheet 5 Buffer beam, drag beam, side elevation and plan of valve gear, left and right-hand expansion link brackets, radius rods, eccentric rods, valve crossheads, union links, combination levers, expansion links, lifting and reversing arms.
  • Sheet 6 Valve gear for side valve engine, double blastpipes, smokebox, steam brake and details, mechanical lubricator, alternative single blastpipe.
  • Sheet 7 Details including end elevation of locomotive, details of cab and running boards, running board brackets, smokebox details, poppet valve regulator body, grate and ashpan, saddle, superheater, snifting valve.
  • Sheet 8 Tender, fire door, blower valve and boiler clack valve details.
  • Sheet 9 Tender frames, injector and brake details.
  • Sheet 10 Reversing wheel and reach rod, cab layout, manifold, regulator handle and rodding, water gauge, safety valve, brake valve, whistle valve and injector steam valve.