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Duet PCB

Open source 3D printer controller board
SKU: 3DP394
Full Description
Offers a range of improvements over traditional 8 bit AVR based control boards.

  • 32 bit ARM microprocessor as found on the Arduino Due, running at up to 84MHZ
  • 12-35V DC power input.
  • 4 x A4892 stepper drivers capable of up to 2A per coil and 16 microstep control
  • 3 x high current PWM outputs to drive heaters and fans
  • 2 x temperature sensing circuits for thermistors


  • Ethernet connection to control your printer via the web interface
  • USB host capable socket
  • MicroSD card slot for standalone printing


  • Fully Open-source free download
  • Automatic calibration of print surface and delta parameters
  • smooth realtime motion
  • Internal webserver for access via ethernet with DHCP and netBIOS
  • prints gcode files provided by Slic3r, Cura and other open-source slicing software

The Duet supports the all new RepRap firmware, an object orientated C++ firmware implementing a web server and multi axis/extruder motion control as well as automatic bed level and orthogonality compensation.