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Plans & Parts Service

Choose from our huge range of expertly crafted model aircraft, boat, Engineering and Railway plans, parts and wood packs. Many of our unique plans have a large selection of perfectly matched accessories, like white metsl fittings, hulls, canopies, cowls, spinners, spats, laser cut wood packs, O Gauge Plastic Kits, O Gauge Plywood Kits, OO Gauge Plastic Kits & Loco Storage & Maintenance Trays and more. 
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Wild Duck


Fairchild PT-19 (Set)

£48.99 £41.89

T-Bird (Set)

£54.99 £47.02


From £15.29

Fairchild PT-19

From £11.69

Clean Sweep

From £11.88

Baby Bolt

From £7.59

MV Hauk Plan



From £10.79

Stella Clipper

From £14.39

Anreasson BA-4B

From £10.79