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R/C Model World July 2017

Issue No: 402
On Sale: 15/06/2017

R/C Model World June 2017

Issue No: 401
On Sale: 18/05/2017

R/C Jet International June/July 2017

Issue No: 144
On Sale: 18/05/2017

R/C Model World May 2017

Issue No: 400
On Sale: 20/04/2017

RC Flight Camera Action Spring 2017

Issue No: 11
On Sale: 5/4/2017

R/C Jet International April/May 2017

Issue No: 143
On Sale: 16/03/2017

R/C Model World April 2017

Issue No: 399
On Sale: 16/03/2017

RC Flight Camera Action March/April 2017

Issue No: 10
On Sale: 1/2/2017

R/C Model World March 2017

Issue No: 398
On Sale: 16/02/2017

Double sided sanding wedge 280mm X 51mm

This 280mm X 51mm sanding block from Perma-Grit uses tungsten carbide sanding paper on a lightweight, hollow metal frame. It has coarse grit one side and fine grit on the opposite side and is made with 45 degree angle to sand into tight corners.

R/C Model World February 2017

Issue No: 397
On Sale: 19/01/2017

Set of five 14cm Needle Files and Handle (Red)

These extremely versatile tungsten carbide tools from Perma-Grit are very popular for detailed work. They can cut in any direction and do not clog easily. The files cut quickly leaving an excellent finish.
£27.99 £26.59