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RC Flight Camera Action BUNDLE OFFER

BRAND NEW! RC FLIGHT CAMERA ACTION - No1 for the Mulitrotor enthusiast. Special offer - buy the brand new World of Multi-Rotor DVD or Blu-ray and the band new RC Flight Camera Action magazine and SAVE!
Picture of RC Flight Camera Action BUNDLE OFFER - Blu-Ray
RC Flight Camera Action BUNDLE OFFER - Blu-Ray
Running Time: 65 mins.
Picture of RC Flight Camera Action BUNDLE OFFER - DVD
RC Flight Camera Action BUNDLE OFFER - DVD
Running Time: 65 mins.
Full Description

RCFCA is a brand new Publication that aims to update and inform all users of multirotor aircraft, whether they be professional aerial photographers or the hobbyist looking to try a new experience.

From Quads to Octocopters, FPV to DSLR, RC Flight Camera Action will keep enthusiasts informed about the latest trends and equipment in the world of multirotors and aerial filming.

Multi-rotors are among the fastest growing areas of RC flying today, with everything from small indoor fun-machines to large professional quality models easily available. Expert multi-rotor pilot Denis Stretton is your guide to this fascinating world, as he shows what’s available, what their capabilities are and how to fly them safely and responsibly.

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iPad/iPhone Users: Please note that you can watch the streamed video on your iPad/iPhone, but you cannot download it. You will still receive your unique password, so you can download it to a PC or laptop whenever you want. Other tablets/smartphones may have similar restrictions.