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R/C Jet International February/March 2017

Issue No: 142
On Sale: 19/01/2017
SKU: RCJ170201
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From The Cockpit

It’s the end of an era for the Ed, and other news and views from the jet modelling world


New products and accessories available for the jet modeller

Gas Turbine Performance Comparisons

Summary of performance of engines tested by RCJI

Buying Power

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Next Issue

Forthcoming features in the April/May 2017 Issue


Simon’s L-39

Acquired as a badly damaged model back in 2010, Simon Sparsis took on the challenge of restoring it back to superb flying condition with a distinctive new scheme

2016 E-Jets International

Dan Eaton visits this annual all electric jets meet that took place over the Ohio skies

Twelve O’clock High COVER STORY

Seen as one of the best non-competitive jet events in the US, David Hart attended this three-day show to check out some of the top jet models seen at Paradise Field, Florida

Engine Test – Jets Munt M70XBL

The new M70 turbine from Jets Munt packs a quart into a pint pot, offering a full 70 Newtons thrust from a case size normally used in turbines of less than 50 Newtons thrust. RCJI tests a pre-production example of this impressive new turbine

Jets Over Kentucky 2016

Barry Vaught immerses himself in a week’s uninterrupted flying at Lebanon-Springfield airport, as he attends one of the world’s favourite and grandest jet shows with a scenery to match!

Convair YF2Y-1 Sea Dart Project

Despite a stall in progress with the project, in Part 4 Alex Jones and the team works with CAD and loads are put on the skis


Serge Bordais takes a detailed look into the history of the R/C Jets French Association, still going strong after 30 years from the pioneering age to wide access to airfields for turbine models across France

Jet Chatter

More top tips and news from Dave Wilshere, including looking at Ripmax’s popular Xcalibur range of jets

Don Smalley – Model Jet Pilot

A profile of this long-standing and dedicated jet modeller