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R/C Jet International June/July 2016

Issue No: 138
On Sale: 19/5/2016
SKU: RCJ160601
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From The Cockpit

Editor’s news and views

Gas Turbine Performance Comparisons

Summary of performance of all engines tested by RCJI

Buying Power

Readers’ free classified advertisements

Next Issue

Forthcoming features in the August/September 2016 Issue


Technically Speaking

In this issue Dave Gladwin takes a look at the Graupner/SJ ‘Polaron’ charger

Florida Jets 2016

Karen and Jorge Escalona report from this annual Lakeland jet meet

Radio Daze

There are so many ways to set up a model, as Ian Titchell explains how to get more from a mid-range transmitter

PowerBox BlueCom Adapter

This wireless set-up unit for PowerBox products is described by Colin Straus

JSM Xcalibur Plus Sports Jet

Dave Swarbrick builds and flies this 2.33m jet from Ripmax

Turbine Test

Colin Straus explores the new JetCat P220-RXi

Red Flag 2016

Karen and Jorge Escalona report from the 2nd Florida jet meet

E-Jets International

Dan Eaton reports on this inaugural electric jet meet in Ohio