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R/C Jet International October/November 2016

Issue No: 140
On Sale: 15/9/2016
SKU: RCJ161001
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From The Cockpit

Editor’s news and views

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Forthcoming features in the December/January 2017 Issue


Technically Speaking

In this issue Dave Gladwin resolves a ‘flutter’ issue, and gets his MiG-29 back in the air

Jet Jam 2016

A report from this annual EDF rally near Louisville USA by Dan Eaton

An Inspirational Alpha Jet

An outstanding example of scale jet modelling, designed and built by Françis and Stéphan Laurens

Convair YF2Y-1 SeaDart: Part 2

Phil Clark describes the initial stages of creating this remarkable model

First In Flight 2016

Jorge and Karen Escalona report on all the jet action at this major annual US East Coast meet in North Carolina

Firgelli Linear Actuators

Colin Straus evaluates these electrically-operated miniature actuators

Fei Bao Swordfish

Colin Straus reveals this latest mega-size sports jet

Karlskoga Jet Power

Model jets in action at the annual meet in Sweden. Daniel Larson reports

Jet Chatter

More top tips from Dave Wilshere as he passes on some tips regarding flame outs and how to prevent them with suitable feed pipes and pumps