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RC Jet International Turbine Test Special

This special issue of RC Jet International features 10 brand new on-test reviews of the latest turbine engines from the world’s top manufacturers. In addition, it includes six previously published tests conducted by the RCJI test team, making this an invaluable 'all in one' compendium to the jet modeller looking to choose a new engine, or purchase a second hand one.
Full Description

Brand new tests:

  • Jet Central Rabbit
  • Hawk 190 R
  • Evojet B180VX
  • Kingtech K-140F
  • Robbe Ropulsion RP 120
  • Wren 160 KPRO
  • BF Turbines B100F
  • JetCat P180RX
  • Jet Craft 130+
  • Jet-Italia Pulse 17

Previous tests:

  • JetCat P140 RX
  • Jets Munt VT 80
  • Wren 100KPRO
  • KingTech K-170
  • JetCat P20SX
  • Jets Munt 140

In addition to this, there are also articles written by highly experienced jet pilots on the correct installation of engines, along with lots of tips and information on 'do's and don'ts' when operating a turbine engine. Subjects such as the use of FOD guards and jet pipes will be covered and their possible effects on engine performance will also be covered.

Exclusive features:

• Fuel for thought – Dave Wilshere, one of the UK’s top show pilots offers some advice on dealing with fuel fittings and failed turbine starts.

• Engine tests performance chart – Comprehensive round up of all new and existing engine tests

• Tailpipes – Could the choice of tailpipe make a difference to your turbine’s power output?

• FOD guards – The added turbine protection given by a FOD guard is widely heralded! But does it restrict performance?

• A ‘Top’ Cat – We take a look at this high quality, composite construction header tank from GBRJET

This is a must-read addition to any Jet modeller’s library!