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SEFF 2012

Mac Hodges' Airfield in Georgia is the home of the premier outdoor electric event in the USA. This year's show featured a wide variety of aircraft from around the country. Plus, with hordes of vendors to gaggles of warbirds and even Night Bowling, this show has it all!
Picture of SEFF 2012 DVD
Picture of SEFF 2012 Blu-Ray
SEFF 2012 Blu-Ray
Running Time: 105 mins. Please note that this disk will not play on a standard DVD player. To view it you will need both a Blu-Ray compatible player and an HD capable television.
Full Description
Featured aircraft include:
• Peter Sripol's scratch-built Boeing 777,
• John Morgan's T33a,
• Don Kennedy's Bipe Stick,
• Joshua Murdock's B2 Stealth Bomber,
• Matt Putnam's CAD Designed Bumble Bee 1 (which is gracing the front cover),
• Chris Good's Nightowl,
• Daniel Madngal's MiG 21
• Mark Murdock's animated Tiggerbat.

There is also the chance for you to get a first hand look at new products like the Horizon Hobby EFlight Simatar, Albatross, F-4 Phantom and Park Zone Icon. Also see 3D Hobby Store's new Yak 54 and Extreme Flight RC's new MXS.

Running Time: 100 mins.