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XFC 2013 Helicopters

It takes a lot of skill and a bucket of guts for a pilot to push an RC model heli to absolute limits of its endurance. And every year that’s just what happens at the Extreme Flight Championships. The best RC heli pilots ripping it up with some stunning radio control aerobatics. Add to a stunning fireworks display, music and a dazzling night airshow and you’ve got the energy, excitement and adrenaline that is XFC 2013!
Picture of XFC 2013 Helicopters DVD
XFC 2013 Helicopters DVD
Running Time: 62 mins.
Picture of XFC 2013 Helicopters Blu-ray
XFC 2013 Helicopters Blu-ray
Running Time: 62 mins. Customers should be reminded that this DVD will not play on a standard DVD player. To view it they will need both a Blu-Ray compatible player and an HD capable television.
Full Description

Held at the Academy of Model Aeronautics headquarters in Muncie, Indiana, USA this year’s event hosts helicopter pilots from countries including Canada, France and of course the USA.  

This DVD focusing on the freestyle competition, this DVD captures some of this year’s outstanding helicopter pilots at the peak of their skills.

Pilots include:

·   Jamie Robertson

·   Dukan Bossion

·   Ben Storick

·   James Haley

·   Colin Bell

·   Kyle Stacy

·   Kyle Dahl.